November Newts

Hullo there, my plums.

I’ve got a heaped spoon of news for you. Open wide …

Firrrrst up:  I can announce that the new Pictish Trail album, Secret Soundz Vol. 2 will be officially released on January 21st 2013.  It’s going to be available as a digi-pak CD, download … and also as a special double 12” vinyl, in a gatefold sleeve, packaged with Secret Soundz Vol. 1 !!  This is the first time SSV.1 has been made available on vinyl.  This special edition double vinyl set will come packaged with CDs of both albums.


Second up:  I can announce that i’ll be taking pre-orders on the special double-vinyl set from December 1st on the Fence Records website – and will be sending out copies in time for Xmas (last post 18th December 2012).  I’ll post up pictures of the gatefold album in the next month …


THIRRRD UP:  I’m going to be promoting the album with A MASSIVE U.K. TOUR, starting late January, into February.   I won’t be alone on this tour.  Oh no.  My backing band will be the fantastic eagleowl … and the band will also be supporting at each show, too.

I’ll be announcing all the confirmed dates for the tour on Tuesday 6th November, along with ticket links. H’ayeeeee.



IN THE MEANTIME.  I want to tell you about a wee idea i’ve been working on with a pal …

MICHAEL ROCKET REMIX BUNDLE - I’m beta-testing a new subscription service, where you can sign up to receive downloads/physical goods every month.   I’m going to do a trial over November and December this year with downloads, whereby folk sign up to pay just £1 a month for only two months – and the amount is paid to us by direct debit.  It’s kinda like the Domino Drip idea, i guess – but more about exclusive stuff (remixes, sessions) as opposed to full, official releases.


In the first download bundle, Euros Childs (of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci fame) has done a remix of my song ‘Michael Rocket‘, and the OLO Worms boys have done a few remixes of the same song, too.


Again, it’s only £1 per month, and after 2 months, the direct debit will end. You can sign-up here:


After you sign up, you should be taken to a screen where the November bundle is waiting for you :)

This is just a wee road-test to see if there’s interest, to work out problems, and get feedback.  Down the line, I want to try this out for a digital & physical subscription series.  At the moment, this test is just for UK users.  If you’re from overseas and you want to get ahold of these remixes, pop me a message, with your address, through the contact form:


Right, i think that should do for the time being.  Come back to the website on Tuesday 6th November to see all the gig listings for the tour!


kissy wissy,

PT x

3 Responses to November Newts

  1. I Chameleon says:

    Can’t wait for Vol 2. Really love the monthly bundle. Tried to be the first cross the line to sign up.

    Have mentioned this on the beef but any chance of releasing stems in the next bundle so we can all have a chance to mix something for you and the best can be featured in the following bundle and so on…..

    November 1, 2012 at 2:25 pm
  2. Pictish Trail says:

    Hello there Chameleon -IF THAT’S YOUR REAL NAME???

    I like your stem idea. I shall mull it over, good sir/madam.

    kiss kiss,

    pt x

    November 11, 2012 at 10:53 am
  3. I Chameleon says:

    A Ha! Congratulations Mr Trail. You have outwitted me again and deduced that I am using a cunningly disguised identity!
    Thankyou for the kisses. I shall give them to Mrs Chameleon.

    Do you remember the rumours going round that you and Adem were actually Erasure in disguise?
    Well, I could be some hot shot from the past going back to my roots just to prove that I can still cut it….or there again I could be one of your friends trying to catch you out. Nope, just a musician who doesn’t court the limelight and has been content to blend in to the background, work onmusic that matters and hopefully keep an air of mystery and anonymity Well, that was the plan but I was so anonymous that I was virtuallly invisible to all but the faithful few.

    Perhaps we can swap tales from our days at sea over a pint and a macaroni pie at the Ship someday.

    Glad you like the stem idea. I believe it’s something I’m good at and I know there will be many more who will love the opportunity.

    Be Happy

    Le Caméléon

    November 13, 2012 at 2:03 pm

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